Now more jobs than before corona | Inland

In June there were 1.4 percent more jobs in Belgium than in January 2020. It is the first time since the start of the corona crisis that employment has increased. That is what the HR services company Acerta says based on data from more than 30,000 companies.

The recruitment has been particularly strong in the past six months. Employment grew by 4.3 percent during the first six months of 2021. Small companies (up to twenty employees) now employ almost 8 percent more people than before corona.

The recovery also applies to almost all sectors. Only the hospitality sector (-5.3 percent compared to January 2020) and the metal and manufacturing industry (-4.9 percent) are not yet at the level of January 2020. In two sectors – construction (+4.1 percent) and food (+3 percent) – employment has continued to grow all the time, including during corona.

“The government support measures have undoubtedly helped companies to overcome the difficult period, which has kept layoffs – at least for most companies – within limits,” said Nele Mertens, legal adviser at Acerta. “Meanwhile, a ‘relaunch reduction’ has been announced for the third quarter, for all sectors, with the condition being the reduction of temporary unemployment or the creation of new jobs. So the focus is no longer only on job stability, but also on job growth.”


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