Now Microsoft is starting to roll out support for Android apps in Windows 11

When Microsoft introduced Windows 11 this summer, one of the big news was that the system gets support for installing and running Android apps. Towards the end of the beta test period, it became clear that this feature was not ready for a sharp launch, and the version of Windows 11 that has been released to the public does not support Android apps.

Now, however, Microsoft has announced that support for about fifty Android apps will begin testing in a new beta version of an update of the system. These include Amazon’s Kindle app, Lords Mobile and June’s Journey.

The technology that enables the Android apps comes from Intel and works much like the Windows Subsystem for Linux (wsl2) which is also included in the latest versions of Windows 10. A complete Android system runs on a virtual machine.

To start testing Android apps, you need to join the Windows Insider application and activate the beta channel. You must also have virtualization enabled in the bios. To begin with, the system must be set to US region and you must have a US Amazon account to download apps from the Amazon Appstore.



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