Technology NOW in the apple chat: iPhone 12 Pro late?...

NOW in the apple chat: iPhone 12 Pro late? | Apple glass round or square? | iOS 14 Leaks | Rumors about Apple Watch S6 and new Macs


Is the iPhone 12 Pro late? Does the iPhone 13 get a quad cam? Will iOS 14 just be a performance update? And does Apple’s glasses actually get round or square? These and more are the topics of today’s broadcast – welcome to the Apple Talk 147.

And of course we will start with your mail as usual. This week we again had some nice letters that we would like to start with.

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Today’s topics

  • 00:00:00: Intro and babble
  • 00:01:40: Listener mail: Alexa Skills | AirPods Studio Branding | Elimination of the EarPods | Apple glass in round or square? | Listener feedback and more
  • 00:27:15: iPhone 12 earlier than iPhone 12 Pro? | Video shows dummy model
  • 00:38:00: iPhone 13 with quad cam?
  • 00:46:00: iOS 14 rumors: Should come on all iOS 13 devices. But more of a performance update?
  • 00:53:00: Apple Watch Series 6 without redesign: rumors about the display
  • 00:59:15: 2021: iMac with miniLED, MacBook Pro 16 update, no 14 inch MacBook Pro?

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When does the iPhone 12 come?

Came today Reports to start mass production of the iPhone 12. After that, not all models will go into mass production at the same time, we classify a little.

Then we talk about a video that suggests some external changes to the iPhone 12, here we also reported about it.

iPhone 13 with four lenses?

Then we talk about adventurous leaks around new cameras for the iPhone after next, here to read. They mainly dealt with the camera of the iPhone generation after next, we try to interpret the specifications mentioned.

Good news for owners of old iPhones

Most users of an old iPhone should be positive this rumor have recorded that all devices that have also received iOS 13 will still receive the next generation of iOS. We’ll know more in a few weeks.

And finally, let’s talk a little bit about new rumors around Apple Watch Series 6 and Leaks on new watch straps.

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