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Giuseppe Conte he is ready to take back the political scene after the summer hibernation. And of course it is no coincidence that it happens right now, with the government accused of being caught unprepared by the second wave of coronavirus. Only five days ago the premier had signed a Dpcm with new restrictive measures, which, however, have already been overcome in light of the contagion curve that has grown imposingly for four consecutive days, exceeding 10 thousand almost in the last 48 hours. The hospital numbers are also worrying: the fact that about 95 percent of the current daily infected are asymptomatic should not be deceiving because the 5 percent represented by hospitalized translates into almost 500 people a day.

For this he gives Chigi Palace let it be known that on the evening of Sunday 18 October Prime Minister Conte will hold a Press conference to reveal the new restrictions. At the moment there is no certainty about which measures it will announce, but the guidelines leaked from the meeting of Scientific technical committee they are quite clear. It will be up to Conte and his government team to decide whether to follow them to the letter or be more indulgent to avoid hurting public opinion too much, without prejudice to the possibility of the Regions to apply more stringent measures in case of need. CTS experts first suggested considering “the adoption of staggered schedules for entry in the presence of University students and of second grade schools. An important criticality is represented by the local public transport which does not seem to have adapted to the renewed needs, despite the fact that the CTS has highlighted the need for reorganization since last April ”.

Also came the recommendation to incentivize it smart working “Both in the public and private sectors” and to temporarily limit “the use of events with a large audience (congresses, fairs, etc.) and other spontaneous or otherwise organized gatherings of people “. Then the CTS stressed the need to limit the maximum number of people who can share the same table in restaurants and the “absolute need” for “timely diagnosis, monitoring and effective contact tracing through the involvement of general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice, through active recruitment actions”. To do this it is necessary to strengthen the diagnostic systems and strengthen local medicine, “possibly with the support of the national civil protection system”.


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