Now everyone in the house named ‘Stree’ is a woman: Hansika’s birthday and the journey of the Krishna sisters

Now everyone in the house named ‘Stree’ is a woman: Hansika’s birthday and the journey of the Krishna sisters

News18 Malayalam | September 30, 2023, 1:30 PM IST

Now everyone in the house named ‘Stree’ is a woman. Hansika’s birthday

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‘Stree’ is the name of actor Krishnakumar’s residence in Thiruvananthapuram. TV with that name Krishnakumar has also played the villain character in the serial. The house was also built during that period. There are five women in this house including his wife Sindhu. Gradually, one by one, the children grew from being a girl to a woman. And now the youngest daughter

Ahana’s youngest sister, Hansika Krishna, has crossed the threshold of eighteen, considered a woman, from the age considered a ‘child’. Mother Sindhu posted this morning to wish her daughter on her birthday (read more)

Hansika is the youngest child in the family and the youngest actress. Harishree played Hansika’s childhood in a movie

Hansika studied Commerce for Plus Two and is now a college student. Studied at Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram. This is where my elder sisters also studied. Only Ahana went outside Kerala and got her higher education

Hansika’s elder sisters Diya and Ishani were students at Ivanios. Hansika had posted details of her first day in college and other things on social media

All four sisters are equally active in acting, studies and social media. All of them have been active on social media in their own way during the lockdown days

Ahana Krishna is the organizer of the house. Ahana is the ruler of trips, events and celebrations. Compared to other sisters, Ahana has a daughter-like affection towards her youngest sister

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Ahana has organized Hansika’s birthday party before. Sindhu Krishna says that she can’t believe that her youngest child has turned 18 years old

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