Novice Michael Harris II Won 8-Year Long Term Contract in 71 Major League Games – Long Term Investment Summary of Warriors-MLB-Baseball’s Recent Contract

Today (17) days, there is news that the Atlanta Braves defenders have reached a consensus with 21-year-old outfielder rookie Michael Harris II to sign an 8-year 72 million extension contract from next year to 2030 and l other 2031 and 32 years There is a team option.

Michael Harris II is originally from Atlanta. He was born in DeKalb, Georgia, just east of Atlanta. The two places are adjacent to each other. He attended Stockbridge High School in the southern suburbs. In the third round of the 2018 draft, he was named by the Warriors. Last year, he averaged .294 and 27 stolen bases in high-level 1A. He was ranked 89th among the top 100 rookies. He was ranked 65th on the list.

On May 28 this year, the Warriors took Harris from 2A straight to the major league. So far (17), he has played 71 games – and all are starting center backs, hitting .287 / .325 / .500 and hitting 12 home runs. . , 13 successful stolen bases, showing excellent explosive power and athletic ability. Teammate’s rookie pitcher Spencer Strider was even better, dimming Harris’ light slightly, but it was Harris who got the Warriors head-to-head date.

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The salary of this contract is gradually increasing, 5 million in 2023-24, 8 million in 2025-26, 9 million in 2027, 10 million in 2028-29 and 12 million in 2030. The options are 15 million and 20 million in sequence. If the first option is purchased (5 million), you can receive at least 72 million, if both options are executed, the total amount is 102 million.

Harris, who will be tied to the contract until the age of 29, will have the opportunity to become another signature star of the next generation of the Warriors, as well as the chance to fight with fans in the country.

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This is already the third long-term contract signed by the Warriors this season. The first is an 8-year, 168 million long-term contract right after the preseason swap with Matt Olson. The second is before the commercial deadline, with the main gun third base Austin Riley signed a $ 212 million 8-year contract and the third was Michael Harris II.

Not only that, but there are actually 5 players in the current Warriors lineup who have had contracts for more than 5 years, and the other 2 are Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ozzie Albies. The table below organizes these 5 long-term contracts:

List of recent long-term contracts with the Atlanta Braves
playerlength of the contractcontractual periodflat rateage at signatureYears to start of contract
Ronald Acuna Jr.8 years2019 ~ 202610000000021 yearsless than 1 year
Ozzie Albies7 years2019 ~ 202535 million22 years old1 years
Matt Olson8 years2022 ~ 2029168 million27 years old4 years
Austin Riley10 years2023 ~ 2032212 million25 years old3 years
Michele Harris II8 years2023 ~ 203072 million21 yearsless than 1 year

Ronald Acuna Jr.

Acuna, born in Venezuela, entered the major league at the age of 20 in 2018, and then shocked the entire league. He has played in 111 games this season, with 26 homers, 16 steals and astonishing results. 293 /. 366 / .552., Won the rookie king of the League of Nations, for the talents of him in the round and for the defense of the field, he won the synonym of “black trout” in the Chinese circle.

At the start of the following season, the Warriors offered an extension of 8 years and 100 million to bind the future star: the salary for the first two years of the contract was 1 million, the third year went up to 5 million and the fourth year – this year – has jumped to 15 million, can receive 17 million in the next four years, the same as Harris, and there are two team options behind.

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Ozzie Albies

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