Novelties, trends: toy favorites 2020

How to navigate among all the novelties offered by manufacturers for this Christmas 2020. Like every year, a jury of journalists (fifty media outlets) and families (155) gave their favorites with a unanimous opinion for Sentosphère’s resin workshop in the Create and imagine category.

This game, accessible from the age of 10, allows children to develop creativity by helping them design resin objects with glitter inclusions, dried flowers and seashells.

Christmas is also laughter, shared moments. Families fell in love with Quiz my face. This game of thirty-six masks, from 3 years old, works the spirit of deduction by inviting players to guess what is hidden behind a mask.

And for future videographers, Vtech’s Kidizoom Video Studio has also been noticed by families. Action engine for children from the age of five with this small camera which allows them to create special effects and special effects on more than seventy different themes.

To get away from it all, nothing like this Spin Master AirHogs Laser Zero Gravity car, controllable with a laser pointer that can also circulate on walls and ceilings. She received the crush of journalists.

Even if it was not distinguished, we also really liked the great fishing of Ludiscol. Between 5 and 9 years old, this game of cooperation and challenge helps to manipulate the numbers. It is played on two magnetic boards representing the seabed and was designed by Dominique Epiard, a Norman who wants to give back the taste to count, multiply or subtract while having fun.

To find all the stars of the 2020 toy.


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