Novak Djokovic’s Controversies and Unconventional Methods

Novak Djokovic he received a slight and indirect slap on the wrist for having written a political message on the track, in the signing as the winner of the match on the television camera. He re-proclaimed Kosovo, an independent state, as part of Serbia, as before. Roland Garros made it known to his environment that there would be no penalty this time and that it was better that a similar issue not be repeated.

“There is no Grand Slam without controversy with me,” said ‘Nole’ complaining. The list is long, from a disqualification at the US Open for hitting a line judge with a ball to deportation before an Australian Open as a result of her refusal to get vaccinated against covid.

Not infrequently he has slipped to feel less popularly loved than his colleagues from the ‘Big 3’ Roger Federer and Rafael Nadalwith annoyance.

He is a champion of 22 Grand Slams, opting for the record of 23, somewhat controversial off the court. He has created a parallel syndicate of tennis players, has defended disputed alternative medicine gurus. He is not a typical character. He has his defenders and his detractors. Without going into analysis of his ideas or behaviors, it is true that he generates noise very easily.

Djokovic He publicly regretted that his injuries are often suspected, such as that abdominal tear in Melbourne two years ago that did not prevent him from being champion.

Like another top figure in the sport, there is no detail that goes unnoticed. Neither was the contraption attached with adhesive to the chest. He was on the air during his match against Marton Fucsovicsand fueled curiosity.

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That he did not really want to delve into the subject was evidenced by his leisurely speech, with an apparent transcendence overthrown by the explicit sarcasm of his words.

“As a child I liked Iron Man a lot”

“When I was a child I liked Iron Man a lot. She tried to imitate him. My team offers me incredibly efficient nanotechnology to help me give my best on the court,” she explained.

He saved the fireworks for last: “So it’s the biggest secret of my career. If it wasn’t for that, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here.”

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Irony not to give greater relevance to “a patented portable nanotechnology device that combines acupuncture with light therapy. It contains layers of nanocrystals, which capture your body heat and convert it into very weak pulses of light, which are then emitted at specific points on your body. This light stimulates your Central Nervous System and improves its communication with the rest of your body.”

This is how Taopatch advertises it, which has had an unexpected marketing campaign, which exploded through social networks.

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