Notre-Dame High School’s Exchange Program with Norwood High School in Boston: A Life-Changing International Experience

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An exchange program with Norwood High School in Boston started this year at Notre-Dame High School. The students were last month on the northeast coast of the United States.

Embarkation to the USA. The Notre Dame high school has no borders and is exported ever further, this time across the Atlantic. Indeed, the private establishment located rue des Cordeliers in downtown Pamiers has set sail for new horizons by initiating an exchange program this year with Norwood High School in Boston, Massachusetts. A meeting that allowed high school students to open up to the international scene and experience mobility with American students. The correspondents were put in contact for several weeks before finally meeting, first in Pamiers, from April 15 to 23. Then it was the turn of French high school students to cross the Atlantic for a stay on American lands in May. A successful first exchange, which will leave great memories. Indeed, the vibrant city on the east coast of the USA is full of varied activities among which everyone could find what they are looking for. Starting with historical visits, since Boston is one of the oldest cities in North America. Appamean high school students have thus been able to live to the rhythm of its cosmopolitan population, among which students are strongly represented. But also to the rhythm of the calendar of baseball or basketball matches, since the local teams excel in both sports. The young people of Notre-Dame had the opportunity to go see a baseball game and encourage the Red-Sox, a prestigious team which is one of the most successful in the United States in the discipline of the base. -ball. “Open to the sea, Boston is also a city on a human scale where it is good to live, stroll, and practice all kinds of activities” underlined the students, all delighted with the trip. In short, the experience of a lifetime that young people are not ready to forget. As proof, the reunion is already being programmed. The management of the Institution Notre-Dame recalls that: “Every year, our establishment welcomes students from all over the world, as part of a study program. The benefits are numerous: mastery of the language, autonomy, tolerance , openness to peoples and cultures. Foreign students are a wealth for all those who meet them and bring an international and intercultural dimension to the establishment.” In short, the Institution Notre-Dame recognizes itself as a school without borders which offers the possibility of opening up through rich encounters and multiple trips organized throughout the year in Europe, but also further afield as a was the case last month in Boston.

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