Nothing will divide them anymore. Bagar showed evidence of love for Muradov

He is again one of the most in love couples in Czech show business. Monika Bagárová and Machmud Muradov and their daughter Ruminka are enjoying a sunny holiday in the United Arab Emirates. A month ago, it seemed that the love between them was definitely ringing.

The bond between them is stronger again than the steel rope. Bagarova and Muradov managed to save their relationship in five minutes to twelve, and now they are hanging out together on vacation in Dubai. They didn’t even leave their one-year-old daughter, Ruminka, at home.

Dubai together. Family,“the favorite singer added to the photo, where all three are just shining.

And the fans are very happy that she is doing well with the MMA beater. “Finally. Maybe it will last together and you will be for each other forever,” Kateřina wrote. “This is the most for a child. Mom and dad, there is nothing better to have a child, no one in the world can love a child more than parents,” Jana added.

The partners broke up last fall and admitted it during the Christmas holidays. They returned to each other in early February. Bagar herself admitted that their greatest motivation was Rumia.

“Mach and I are back together. We need to work on the relationship and we have agreed to spend more time together. We will both try to ensure that the Romanians do not miss a smile and the joy of life,“she said three weeks ago.

Bagárová published a love video with Muradov and her daughter Ruminka:

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