Note, 5 Types of Foods That People with Arthritis Should Avoid, Jakarta – Arthritis cannot be cured with food alone. However, there are some foods that people with arthritis can avoid.

“There are many types of arthritis but we can use a diet for healthy arthritis that’s the same for all conditions,” says New York-based dietitian Rachel Fine. Health.

Rachel explains, some of these foods can help reduce inflammation and relieve some of the pain caused by arthritis. Even so, it is still important to remember that food is not the only determinant.

“Keep in mind, you can not cure arthritis only through diet. Pain management requires a doctor’s guidance, accompanied by physical therapy, stress management, exercise, and so on,” said nutrition consultant in Miami, Monica Auslander Moreno.

Curious what foods can be avoided? Here’s the explanation.

1. Carbohydrate processed (Refined carbohydates)

Rachel revealed, refined carbs can stimulate inflammation. Because it is considered to be able to absorb almost all fiber, vitamins, and minerals for the body.

Research reveals that sugar and flour are in breakfast cereals and packaged snacks, for example. These types of foods can exacerbate inflammation and affect gut health.

2. Drinks that contain artificial sweeteners

Drinks with a high sugar content such as soda have been linked to higher rates of chronic inflammation. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveal, even soft drink with a size of 12 ounces can increase the risk of arthritis by 63 percent.

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