Notaries Rombach | Notary’s office in Düsseldorf

Dear clients,

Despite the corona pandemic, we are maintaining our notary’s office.

However, to protect our employees and clients, in addition to stricter hygiene measures, we have taken a number of organizational precautions with which contacts are to be reduced to the minimum required within the framework of the requirements of the notarization law:

  • Meetings should be conducted by phone whenever possible.
  • Only persons whose presence is absolutely necessary according to the notarization law should take part in notarizations. We would be happy to consider with you whether and how, in your specific case, the physical presence of parties to the contract can be replaced by representation or subsequent approval during the notarization. Open points and questions of understanding can and should be clarified by telephone in advance of the certification.
  • If only your signature needs to be authenticated, we will be happy to accept it at a standing desk in the hallway outside of the office.

Our staff will gladly help. Call us on +49 211 8632720.

Stay healthy!

Dr. Paul Rombach and Dr. Claudie Rombach

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