Notable Eindhoven city preacher Arnol Kox (67) passed away

The city preacher Arnol Kox, known in Eindhoven, passed away. For at least 40 years he loudly proclaimed God’s word in the center of Eindhoven. He died today at the age of 67 from the consequences of leukemia.

That’s what his family is wearing Broadcasting Brabant let them know. Kox’s voice echoed so emphatically through the center of Eindhoven that he was nicknamed ‘scream sister’.

When asked about the origin of his missionary drive, Kox talked about the serious moped accident that kept him confined to his bed for sixteen months. For nine months, he was hospitalized with a skull base fracture, brain injury and a broken leg.

At that time, the striking person from Eindhoven started to ask himself questions about the meaning of life and started to read the Bible. He concluded that it would be good to proclaim the love of Jesus on every street corner. He started doing this at the age of 19 and recently stopped.

“No one is immortal”

Shoppers in the city center of Eindhoven could not have been around him. He addressed people directly with incentives to repentance and religious messages.

In 2000 Kox married Gerry Diederen, a German teacher from Kerkrade. She left her husband for him. “I wanted to take care of him,” she said earlier. “I knew Jesus was number one for him, then Mother Mary came first and then I came.”

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