“Not showing your work is frustrating”

Antonius Driessens is a renowned plastic artist. He has won awards and recognition in several national and international fairs and exhibited in galleries in France and abroad. Met at his home in Cardet, he expressed his dismay about the future.

How did you deal with the health crisis?

I had just bought a room to create my workshop there when the first confinement took place. This put an end to my possibilities of traveling to exhibit my works.

How do you cope with this lack of contact?

For an artist to produce and not be able to show his work is very frustrating. The future remains uncertain and for a year now, I have been living on the sales recorded before the crisis.

What is your state of mind today?

I am quite resigned to this situation, but if my works are not exhibited I have no other sources of income apart from this activity which is already difficult to maintain. Despite the purchase of the workshop which made me really happy, I did not find the necessary energy to work there.

Despite this, I keep exploring new ideas but for now it’s more on a conceptual level than a material level. Originally from the Netherlands, I was unable to go there to meet my brothers and my sister. I miss my family.

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