Not Rp. 50 billion, how much did Raffi Ahmad borrow money from Syahnaz?


Some time ago, Raffi Ahmad he once said that he borrowed 50 billion rupees from his younger brother, Syahnaz.

This was discovered when Syahnaz became a guest star on the FYP show which aired on Trans7.

“She said Raffi borrowed money from you?” Irfan Hakim asked Shahnaz seen detikcom, friday (11/10/2022).

“That’s right, you borrow Rp. 50 billion from him,” Raffi Ahmad explained.

“No, oh my God. He likes it, doesn’t he? After, he thinks it’s true,” Syahnaz said, laughing.

“Yes, he really has a lot of money, Rp. 50 billion,” said Raffi Ahmad.

“Really? That’s a lot,” said Irfan Hakim.

“That’s the way he likes it,” Syahnaz said.

“He didn’t make interest, but I told him I would earn more later,” said Raffi Ahmad.

“Yes, when it bloomed,” said Nisya.

“Really, huh?” Irfan Hakim asked again.

But it turns out that Raffi Ahmad said it wasn’t the 50 billion rupees he borrowed from Syahnaz at the time. how much?

“Yes, the number is a secret, it’s not,” Raffi Ahmad said on Trans TV’s Laughter is a Blessing show.

Unfortunately, on that occasion, Raffi Ahmad did not want to give the symbolic sum borrowed from his younger brother.

“That’s the main thing. So yes, guys, it’s actually not like that. But yes, the names are also brothers and sisters, don’t you borrow and borrow?” added Raffi Ahmad.

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