Not only the Czechia. Record numbers of infections are reported by a large part of Europe

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 338,779 people worldwide became infected with coronavirus infection on Thursday, which is a record so far. Europe recorded 96,996 new cases on Thursday, a record for now.

According to Reuters, which obtained data from official country data, the epidemiological situation in Europe has improved in only five European countries in the last 14 days: France, Spain, Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Monaco.

In other countries, the situation is either unchanged or worse. As many as 25 European countries have recorded record numbers of new cases in recent days, or they have at least come close to this peak.

Czechia 5394 people with coronavirus detection were reported on Thursday. This is the highest number since the beginning of the epidemic. Most newly infected appeared on Thursday in Great Britain, a to 17 540.

The epidemiological situation is also worse in the countries neighboring the Czech Republic. Germany Although it is still far from the worst numbers from April, the number of newly infected there is still regularly rising, 4516 infected on Thursday is the second highest number since April.

Even more new infections than in the Czech Republic were added on Thursday in The Netherlands, a to 5831.

The most since April increased per day infected in Italy (4458) a v Portugal (1278).

Slovakia on Wednesday, for the first time, it exceeded the limit of thousands of people infected per day, a total of 1,037 of them. The situation is similar Austria, which recorded an average of 910 infections per day in the last week and records 1209 new infections on Thursday, which is worse than at the time of the pandemic.

Poland then on October 8, it recorded 4,280 newly infected, which is by far the highest number in the country during the entire epidemic, and on the same day in Poland, 75 people died, also the highest number.

Also Croatia recorded a new record increase in infected. The country, which has a population of approximately 4.2 million, reported a record 542 new cases on Thursday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 19,000 people have been infected there, 310 of whom have died.

On average, mortality is the worst in the last week Mask with 166 deceased. Moscow also reports a daily record of new cases, 12,126.

Also on Ukraine the number of new infections is increasing at a record pace for the third day in a row, the last time it was 5804 cases.

The second is in mortality Spain with 110 cases, all other European countries are under a hundred. Although the numbers of hospitalized or people with a more serious course of covid-19 disease are also rising, it is still true that the course of most people is mild.

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