Not only children and the elderly, adults also need vaccines

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Who Said Adults Don’t Need Vaccinations? Indeed, immunization can be an effort to maintain adult health by building immunity against certain diseases.

In addition, adulthood is a productive period. Solid life activities, lifestyle, diet, exercise, rest are things that really determine the health condition of adults until they enter old age.

“Preventing disease through immunization is the cheapest. It is efficient and the results are good, ”said Dr. Purnamawati Sujud, SpA (K), MMped, from the Care for Parents Foundation, in the Thursday News Dialogue Forum with the topic “Why vaccines are important?” Is it necessary for adults? “Which took place on Thursday (October 15) at KPCPEN Media Center.

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Purnamawati said, currently people understand that vaccination is an effort to achieve the best health for children.

But often we forget that children also need healthy parents. So we have to keep trying to stay healthy. One of them is through immunization to maintain immunity.

In addition, it should be noted that there are diseases in which the carrier is an adult and can be transmitted to other family members, including babies and children.

As a result, immunization recipients not only feel the benefits, but also their family and environment, “said Purnamawati.

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