Not offering the Big Mac is a big code, I’m the director of the Russian successor, McDonalds


McDonalds left Russia entirely and sold all the restaurants it owned to the city’s license in May. Under the new name Vkusno & toka (Chutn & teka), 50 restaurants reopened in Moscow and the surrounding area on 12 and 13 June.

Thousands of people who drank at the opening of the company’s flagship, the establishment on Pukinov Street in Moscow, greeted the new logo, color scheme and packaging stripped of all McDonald’s brands. The new company lost its first to the trademarks and intellectual property of the American group.

Big Mac and McFlurry may be at the forefront of new bug restaurants, but the new company has ambitious goals. The first day we sold a dark 120 thousand hamburger. Such a daily turnover we have been working McDonalds in Russia for the whole time, said General Director Oleg Parojev agentue Reuters.

The company has added branches in the future, but at the same time admits that it is necessary to replace some raw materials and suppliers. The staffing group continues, said Parojev, who wants to expand cooperation with strategic partner Sberbank, although he ruled out that the main Russian creditor would play the role of action.

The continued use of McDonald’s characters is a violation of Russian law, but according to him, the company should not take the first steps, because it does not have the first on the character.

Some former McDonalds franchisees kept the bag on the packaging and electronic dining parts of its logo and sold the Big Mac under a different name, which caused Vkusno & toka (Tasty). Of course, we are not happy about that, said Parojev.

Tastefully & toka suggested the former Frenchman to join the new brand, Parojev said, and one of them agreed. It is easy for me to see how the products are sold there, he said about French restaurants. But I can be sure that these are definitely not the same products or ingredients that the two sold at McDonalds, he added.

Supplier complications

The company is determined to hit the quality of the product, but also the familiar taste. Despite 99 percent of raw materials coming from Russian suppliers, Paroyev said that a significant percentage of ingredients came from abroad, a process complicated by sanctions and disruption of the supply chain.

Tasteful & flow is now looking for a new beverage supplier, because Coca Cola will exhaust its resources in Russia, added the editor. According to him, the kvs will remain, it will now be delivered by an Indian investor who bought the Russian activities of the Finnish company Paulig.

According to the agreement with McDonalds, the recipe changes and work is being done on a new variant of the Big Mac, said Parojev. The fact that Big Mac has disappeared from the menu doesn’t help much and it’s a big code, the director said.

New characters were introduced, but Parojev was optimistic. Our guests will get used to the new name and understand that they are not in Mecca, but in Teka, he concluded.


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