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FIGURE the phenomenal Edi Raharjo or better known as Lord Rangga passed away on Wednesday morning (7/12/2022). Based on the statement of Lord Rangga’s elder brother Cayu Nurhemah, the deceased died as he had been suffering from lung disease for years.

Cayu said that Lord Rangga had been suffering from lung disease for two years. According to him, several times Lord Rangga also vomited blood.

According to the data of National Institute of Heart, Blood and Lungchronic respiratory diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), account for the third-largest death rate in the world, excluding lung diseases other than lung cancer.

The lungs, like the heart, joints and other organs will age with age. This organ can lose flexibility and strength. Just like the lungs will eventually start to lose their performance.

This is the important reason to be mindful of lung health, such as maintaining a healthy heart, brain, or other organs. Here are some ways you can try to maintain lung health Health line.

1. Exercise to improve breathing

It’s no longer a secret that regular exercise plays an important role in keeping your lungs healthy. The reason is, when you exercise, your heart will beat faster and your lungs will work harder because your body needs a lot of oxygen for muscle performance.

A review titled Your lungs and exercise which is published by To breatheDuring exercise, your breathing will increase from about 15 times per minute to about 40-60 times per minute. That’s why it is recommended to do aerobic exercise that improves breathing.

2. Don’t smoke

Everyone already knows that smoking increases the body’s risk of developing lung cancer. However, this is not the only disease that can occur from smoking.

It also turns out that smoking is associated with most lung diseases, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and asthma, and can even make existing lung diseases worse.

3. Avoid exposure to pollutants

In addition to avoiding smoking, it is also recommended to avoid exposure to pollutants in the air that can damage your lungs and accelerate aging and make your lungs susceptible to infection and disease.

Rest your lungs by avoiding exposure to secondhand smoke from other people, not exercising in heavy traffic, avoiding outdoor activities when pollution exposure is high, and using a mask if you’re prone to exposure to pollutants at work.

How to maintain lung health

4. Breathe more deeply

You know, when you take shallow breaths, you only use a small part of your lungs. Indeed, deep breathing helps cleanse the lungs and speed up the exchange of oxygen in them.

In the study titled Acute effects of deep breathing for a short duration (2-10 minutes) on lung function in healthy young volunteers which is published by Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, he said that breathing deeply for even just a few minutes is very beneficial for lung function.

5. Prevent infection

One thing that is also dangerous for the lungs is infection, especially as we age. In fact, even elderly people who are in good health will very easily catch pneumonia if they do not maintain cleanliness.

The best way to avoid lung infections is to keep your hands clean, wash your hands regularly with soap, and avoid touching your face too much.

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