Not even half of Czechs believe that the measures are effective

Belief in the measure has been declining since the summer, from 86 percent in the spring to 61 percent in July.

In contrast, the proportion of people who perceive anti-coronavirus measures as ineffective is gradually increasing. It rose from 11 percent in June to 32 percent in July and 44 percent in September. “It is clear that the increase in the number of people infected, both in outbreaks and across the board, is leading to a gradual increase in skepticism, which has almost come to terms with an optimistic assessment,” said the authors of the survey.

The CVVM pointed out that people’s view of the effectiveness of the measures is related to trust in the government of Andrej Babi┼í (ANO). Of the people who trust the government, 64 percent consider the measure to be effective. Of the survey participants who do not trust the government, 32 percent said so.

As for the scope of anti-coronavirus measures, 60 percent of those who consider them adequate fell in September. In July it was 66 percent, in June over 70 percent. According to 23 percent of respondents, too few measures were too few in September, and less than a tenth in June. The share of people according to whom the measure is too much remains above ten percent.

“In assessing the (incomprehensibility) of the implementation of the measures, the public was divided almost halfway. Only a few percent are of the opinion that the measures are comprehensible, “said CVVM. According to 52 percent of people, measures are comprehensible, and 46 percent incomprehensible.

Similarly, people see roughly the same as effective and ineffective government measures to support the economy affected by the coronavirus restrictions. 42 percent of Czechs consider them effective, according to 41 percent they do not work. Seventeen percent of people said they did not know.

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