Not entirely undisputed: no to naturalization, yes to the renovation of the parish hall – Fricktal – Aargau

The special situation made it necessary for the community meeting to be moved to the sports hall. It was also unusual for the local citizens ‘community meeting to take place after the residents’ community meeting. This is because it would result in less public traffic and waiting times, said Mayor Arpad Major. 108 out of 1,848 eligible voters attended the meeting.

They approved both the report and the annual accounts. This ended with a plus of 1.5 million francs instead of the budgeted 248,000 francs. Major explained that half of the good result is due to an extraordinary withdrawal from the revaluation reserve and the other half to savings in all departments.

Yes to taking over the daily structures

The voters approved the credit accounts for the equipment at the Wuermatt multi-purpose building, for the Oberkaisten drainage concept, for the Chropfmattbächli flood protection and for the reallocation of the Wasenhaldenbächli in the Egler groundwater protection zone. All credits fell short. The assurance of the citizenship of the La Barbera family, Afrim Kolgeci, Agron Kolgeci and Katarina Kouzoumis was approved. The voters followed the motion to reject the naturalization application of Ganimete Qarri and her children.

The assembly approved loans for the expansion of the electrical supply in Kaistenbergstrasse, for road construction in Herrengasse and Hofacher, and for the new construction of the Äsple water reservoir. The application for Elektra Kaisten to join e-sy AG was also accepted. The voters gave the go-ahead to take over the day-to-day structures in the community and to change the framework agreement with the Laufenburg region music school.

There were discussions about the loan application for 3.2 million francs for the renovation and expansion of the parish hall in Kaisten. While representatives of the parish and finance committee voted in favor of the project, several residents had concerns about the cost and appearance. One resident even criticized the project as a new building that went beyond the project planning loan approved in November 2018. He submitted a rejection request with the conditions to plan a renovation project and to provide evidence of the need for expansion. His application was rejected with 78 votes and the loan application of the municipal council was accepted with 81 votes.

Debt is increasing, but it is still sustainable

The budget for 2021 is planned with expenses of 9.42 million francs, which are offset by income of 9.48 million francs. Major said the council expects tax revenues to remain the same. Without a withdrawal from the revaluation reserve, the invoice would show a negative result.

The operating result amounts to an expense surplus of 611,400 francs. A withdrawal of 677,000 francs is planned from the revaluation reserve. The income surplus is expected to be 65,600 francs. The debts would increase, but they would still be bearable, Major said. The voters approved the 2021 budget with the unchanged tax rate of 105 percent.


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