Not enough tents available: summer camp of more than 200 youth movements unsettled | Inland

For more than 200 youth movements, their planned summer camp is in jeopardy because tents are no longer available at the lending service. This is apparent from figures that Flemish MP Conner Rousseau (Vooruit) has requested from Minister of Youth Benjamin Dalle (CD&V). According to Rousseau, the youth movements have to look for more expensive alternatives because of this shortage or they may have to cancel their camp. “Unacceptable,” says the Vooruit chairman. He urges the minister to make additional investments.

Minister Dalle’s figures show that 5,574 tents will be available for the summer. This concerns 2,301 senior tents (large tents of 5 by 5 meters) and 3,273 patrol tents. “Despite the fact that this is the largest stock of tents ever, there will still be more demand than supply for the peak period from July 15 to August 10,” the minister admits. For example, there are currently 219 youth movements that cannot borrow tents because the stock is exhausted. Only when other groups reduce or cancel their request can the stock be moved.

Rousseau reacts critically. “A minister of youth must ensure that all young people can go to camp affordably,” it sounded. Due to the current shortage of tents, summer camps threaten to become “unaffordable” for the youth movements involved. The Vooruit politician asks the minister to invest extra in new material.

According to Rousseau, the CD&V minister does not intend to do that. According to him, the annual budget of 375,000 euros will only be used to repair or replace the existing equipment. Rousseau calls this “unacceptable” and a wrong signal to the 219 youth movements that have not found any material.

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