Not ‘Eek’, this is the most dominant Corona mutation in Indonesia today


Mutation E484K or ‘Eek’, which is currently being discussed, only one case was found in Indonesia. Actually, which Corona mutation is dominant at this time?

Director of the Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology (LBME) Prof. Amin Subandrio said mutations D614G is still the dominant mutation today. This mutation was identified in Indonesia early last year and there was concern that it would affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.

But so far, the World Health Organization WHO says the current vaccine is still effective against this mutation. Therefore, there is no recommendation to change the existing vaccine.

Apart from certain mutations, scientists are also aware of several variants of the Corona virus that have spread throughout the world. There are at least three variants to watch out for, namely B117 from England, B1351 from South Africa, and P1 from Brazil.

Of the three, which one has been found in Indonesia?

“So far that is still found B117, “said Prof. Amin.

Watch VideoJapan Finds New Corona Virus Mutation Named ‘Eek’
[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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