“Not burning, but exploding.” Apartment in Jelgava almost burns down on electric scooter – Society and Politics – News

On the night of Thursday, August 6, when the scooter caught fire, the children’s room was rapidly filled with smoke. Juris lives with his wife and three children in the apartment.

“We bought an electric scooter. It was used for two years, it was the second season. We brought it home, put it in the charger at half past nine in the evening. At half past eight, it exploded and caught fire.

The residence also housed a chinchilla and two obedient cats. Only one of the pets survived because no one managed to run into their help.

“There was no way to get in because he didn’t burn, but exploded,” says Juris.

Firefighters arrived five minutes after the call and the flames were extinguished after an hour, the broadcast said.

Juris is now asking for help from his fellow human beings. He plans to renovate the ruined apartment, but the repairs require new windows, laminate, furniture or useful building materials. If you have the opportunity to donate anything from the family, call Juris at 24857889.

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