Not all smokers are susceptible to lung cancer, how come? This is the Expert’s Explanation

Illustration of a lung affected by cancer due to exposure to cigarette smoke. (Source: National Geographic Indonesia/Lutfi Fauziah)

Writer : Aryo Sumbogo | Editor : Edy A. Putra

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – An epidemiologist and lungs from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Simon Spivack, stated that not all active smokers are susceptible to lung cancer.

Because in a recent study, Spivack found a genetic role that makes an active smoker become ‘more resistant’ from attacks by cancer cells.

The study used genetic profiles taken from the bronchi of 14 passive smokers and 19 active smokers, both with light, moderate, and heavy intensity.

Launch Science AlertThursday (26/5/2022), the results of the study showed that cells in the lungs of active smokers tend to be less likely to mutate into cancer.

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These findings certainly shocked the world of global health, considering that so far cigarettes and their smoke are considered the main triggers of lung cancer.

Moreover, if a person has been an active smoker for years, mutations in the cancer cells in his lungs are believed to increase with age.

However, in fact the study got results, some of the active smokers have DNA repair genes that are more active so that they can prevent the emergence of lung cancer.

“Our data suggest that these individuals may have survived so long, even if they were heavy smokers, because their genes suppressed further accumulation of the mutation,” Spivack said.

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