Not a risk group, registered “ready doctor”, can get people into Thailand, even injected 2 doses, still have to quarantine 14 days

25 Feb. 2021 16:46

Ministry of Public Health explained Although not at risk Can register a “doctor ready” to wait for the vaccine While people who will travel to Thailand, even injected 2 doses and still have to be confined to 14 days.

February 25 after the press conference of the Ministry of Public Health. Regarding the progress of COVID-19 infectious disease by Dr Chawet Sannam, the government’s official representative Director of the Department of Disease Control and Emergency Health Hazard Department of Disease Control announces the issue of COVID-19 vaccine distribution And the availability of vaccination services by Dr. Thongchai Lertwilairattanaphong Chief Inspector General, Ministry of Public Health

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However, in regard to risk groups who will receive the vaccine First of all, Dr. Thongchai explains that since the vaccine comes in a lot At the beginning of the subcommittee, the main groups to receive the vaccine were: Medical personnel and the front desk team must take care of the disease investigation or take care of patients. Which is not necessarily Must be a public health team One part may be a team of other agencies that join the work or a volunteer.

The second group will be a group of people with a number of medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart pressure, emphysema, which are already available and the third group is the elderly, but with the limitations of the early vaccine, Sinovac, which Research used for injection in the age group 18-59 years. Therefore, the vaccine Astra Seneca. Will come and fill this gap in risk groups, admitting that hundreds of thousands of dosages that have been acquired are not enough, but I want to make sure that Everyone will receive the vaccine, of course, but must first be distributed to groups in need of urgency. Which looks at at risk groups Risk areas come together if not in the first lot. It may be distributed to the next group during May or June.

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For people who suspect that 63 million doses can be injected, just over 30 million people, Dr. Thongchai stated that he wanted to be sure that The government will provide the vaccination for all citizens who wish. Which the Ministry of Public Health Will ask for an additional budget to provide the vaccine. To ensure The whole process will be finished. And theoretical coverage is 60% of the total population. Get it by the end of this year Which started the first vaccination For general public May begin in October Which will be slow faster It depends on the risk of each person.

When asked if it is not a risk group Can I register to receive the vaccine? Dr. Thongchai stated that now everyone can go into the doctor’s line and register. In which the doctor’s line is ready There will be information about vaccination. And information about COVID-19 Many more stories Once registered But not at risk for getting the first injection But can check that When will I get vaccinated? By going to the vaccination, the system will check for them. If it is someone who should have been vaccinated Will show the name Or you can inquire at a medical facility near your home for examination

However, after the name appears Able to choose which day, where and what time to vaccinate, which is close to the appointment time The system will alert. If convenient, you can go in and sign up. This system does not have an expiration date.

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In case a foreigner who has received 2 doses of the vaccine, is it necessary to have quarantine? Dr. Chao Tasan stated that in a global approach There is no suggestion yet, so a regular 14-day quarantine is required, in the future, if more vaccinations are available, information and international guidelines are available. Guidelines for reducing detention time Will consider Which can have all possibilities

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