Not a Fault and Intentional Airline

PONTIANAK, – One passenger airplane Lion Air from Surabaya, East Java, which showed reactive results while undergoing rapid test upon arrival at Supadio Airport Pontianak, West Kalimantan, tested positive for corona virus.

The positive certainty of Covid-19 is based on the results of the swab laboratory tests at Pontianak Untan Hospital.

Danang Mandala Prihantoro, Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air Group, ensures that every passenger who is declared airworthy and can enter the aircraft cabin for air travel has gone through a series of verification (verification) of documents, luggage and others at the departure airport.

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A series of checks were carried out, including verification of the Covid-19 health test results by the Port Health Office (KKP) as well as the first security check and the second security check by the airport security aviation security officer.

“Already (fulfilling flightworthy procedures),” Danang said, Tuesday (4/8/2020).

Thus, these agencies have checked all the requirements including documents required for traveling by airplane.

“The flight operator or airline (airline) is tasked with transporting passengers who have met the provisions referred to the destination city,” said Danang.

Danang continued, if there are passengers who have problems or violations and do not meet the provisions, then it is not a mistake or intentionality of the airline.

According to him, Lion Air Group emphasizes to every passenger that based on flight service procedures, to always provide detailed information in accordance with the actual situation to ground service personnel if they are pregnant, seriously contagious or not contagious or have special conditions that can endanger themselves and interfere comfort of other passengers.

In addition, Lion Air strives and is committed to providing the best service by always prioritizing aspects of flight safety, security and comfort. Lion Air also states, complies with and implements regulatory policies and standard operating procedures of the company as well as international provisions.

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