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As is customary at the beginning of the year, prophecies of some of the most recognized seers in history are once again protagonists. Although they are still mere speculations, there were some predictions that due to their great degree of accuracy have positioned these people as true prophets.

Such is the case of Michel de Our Lady, better known on the spectrum of omens as Nostradamus. He is considered one of the most accurate seers in history for almost five centuries, because in life he managed to predict the death of King Henry II of France, which led to a fame that continues today.

The man predicted the fate of Queen Elizabeth II.



Among its predictions, considered by some analysts to be true, can be found the fall of the Twin Towers, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the termination of World War II.

Today, his prophecies continue to be the subject of discussion, especially for English traditionalists who have found reason to worry about an alarming prediction that predicts the presumed fall of the monarchy with the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the new horizons of his grandchildren.

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With the recent scandals in the royal family, it seems that Nostradamus’ prediction is headed to become a reality.

Are the princes the architects of the end of the crown?

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With the declarations of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan of Sussex about renouncing the royalty, the speculation of the beginning of the end of the monarchy began to increase.

Three beautiful children will ruin the town

Especially in one of the most famous conspiracy theory forums in the world, called ‘Above Top Secret’, which released one of the seer’s prophecies to the public. Nostradamus more in keeping with the actuality of the royal family. This caused such a degree of commotion that international media such as the renowned channel ‘Telecinco’, from Spain, commented on the event.

“At the end of the war, the great powers change. Near the coast are born three beautiful children. They will ruin the town when they come of age. They will change the kingdom and they will not see it grow any more “,
It can be read in the poem published in the text ‘Century 8 Quatrain 97’, by Nostradamus.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left royalty in February 2021.

Specialists in the field, assure that these children could be the already named Prince Harry, the prince william and Princess Beatriz, grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip.

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But you may wonder, what war is he talking about? Well, seven days after the end of the conflict between England and Argentina over the Falkland Islands, Princess Diana of Wales was giving birth to her first-born, Prince William. A somewhat chilling concordance when viewed from a conspiratorial point of view.

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For their part, analysts speculate that the reference to coastal points may be equivalent to the Thames River, in London, or to the immense sea that surrounds the United Kingdom.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II and end of the monarchy

For some specialists, death of Queen Elizabeth II it would lead to the dissolution of the English monarchy, as Prince Charles, who is in the line of succession, would not take the post due to his advanced age, some specialists say.

Queen isabel II

Queen Elizabeth II has held the position of monarch since 1952.

On the other hand, it is speculated that if the prince william occupying the place of the monarch would take the first step for England to become a Republic for the second time in its history.

Let us remember that the first time this nation made the decision to abandon its monarchical positions was in 1649, when Oliver Cromwell led a coup to overthrow the mandate of Carlos I, who engaged in a tyrannical regime against the English plebs in the seventeenth century.

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This part of England’s history became known as the First Civil War, which ended with Carlos I hanged on the gallows by decision of the English parliament, in force since 1215. Thus, Cromwell positions himself in power as the highest leader of the territory through Puritanism.

Remember that the predictions of Nostradamus are mere speculations and cannot be considered as genuine accounts that dictate an assured truth.

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In any case, the reality of the English monarchy falters, so the world is still waiting for what may happen inside the Buckingham Palace.

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