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Red-top rages against Nav statements: – Hair-raising (Dagbladet)
In a lecture under the auspices of Nav arbeidslivssenter Oslo, the consulting chief physician encouraged employers to dispute sick leave to a greater extent. As an employer, you can easily demand that the employee meet every day, for example by horizontal transport, to document that the loss of function is still there. It is not certain that there will be a good atmosphere at work, but in principle you can, says the doctor, among other things. The seas

Environmental activists in the Storting sponsored by the Minister of Trade and Industry’s family company (Dagbladet)
Møbelfabrikken Vestre – the Minister of Trade and Industry’s family company – last year sponsored the environmental activists Extinction Rebellion with 300,000 kroner. The seas

The Chief of Defense of NRK: The Armed Forces will review all whistleblowing cases again (NRK)
Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen says the Armed Forces will review all the notification cases they have. He believes it is obvious that the defense’s reputation is damaged. The seas

The Norwegian Police Directorate lacks a full overview of whistleblowing cases (Stavanger Aftenblad)
The Norwegian Police Directorate (Pod) lacks a comprehensive overview of notification cases in the Norwegian Police. Both politicians and shop stewards respond. The seas

The government is forced to implement measures against the passport crisis (NTB)
The majority in the Storting overrides the governing parties and asks them to introduce immediate measures to deal with the passport crisis. The seas

Believes the woman should submit to the man in the marriage (NRK)
Information leader in the Missionary Association Espen Ottosen thinks it is okay with female prime ministers, but in the home it is the man who decides. It creates reactions. The seas

The Storting criticizes its own control body for “legalizing” the policy (NTB)
Several oil developments may be unconstitutional, NIM has stated. The Storting criticizes them for moving climate policy to the courts. The seas

Solvang to Mjøs Persen: – Are you going to comfort the pensioners with a selection? (Online newspaper)
– I ask them to treat us fairly, said pensioner Anne Lise Hessen Følsvik (81) in the NRK studio. The seas

LO defies the Støre government and wants a ban on nuclear weapons (Aftenposten)
The LO leadership proposes that, contrary to the government’s policy, Norway should sign the controversial agreement on a ban on nuclear weapons. The seas

The head of state’s adventurous dividend party (Bergens Tidende / E24)
Financially, last year can be said to have been excellent for CEO Joachim Høegh-Krohn in the state investment company Argentum. He received a total of NOK 24.5 million for his efforts in 2021. The seas

Defends Mehl against reality criticism: – Completely idiotic (VG)
Siv Jensen takes Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl in defense against the “Kompani Lauritzen” criticism. She herself has never been in reality – until now. The seas

Longer towards the social security settlement: – I had felt cheated (Online newspaper)
Consumer economist Derya Incedursun at Nordea believes that more than 1 million pensioners have every reason to be dissatisfied with this year’s settlement. The seas

Erna Solberg has received a climate award at the UN (Dagbladet)
Former Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) started in March in a new top position at the UN. The job is to help climate-affected island states that are in danger of being submerged. The seas

17 top leaders in the Armed Forces have received warnings against them (NRK)
In the last two years, 17 top managers in the Armed Forces have been notified, NRK reports. A union leader believes that warnings against leaders often have no consequences. The seas

SV cheers: Now the child benefit will be kept out of the calculation for social assistance (Free Trade Union Movement)
– Absolutely crucial to reduce the number of children growing up in poor families, says SV leader Kirsti Bergstø. The seas

Strong reactions after revealing photos of the China prison camps: – This is state terrorism (Aftenposten)
In Germany and the United Kingdom, the reactions are strong. In Norway, neither the Minister of Foreign Affairs nor the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Storting will speak. The seas

Pure counterfeits? The evidence piles up. (comment by Therese Sollien) (Aftenposten)
How long can the Chinese authorities deny the abuses against Uighurs? The seas

Gerd-Liv Valla will head the EU-critical energy commission (VG)
Former LO leader Gerd-Liv Valla heads the commission, which demands the termination of several EU agreements. The seas

Controversial US agreement gets the Storting’s blessing (VG)
A broad majority in the Storting is behind the controversial new defense agreement with the United States. The seas

In the autumn, Lykke Lise (12) will not have to do homework at home (NRK)
Moss is the first municipality in the country to remove homework at all primary schools. The seas

It is not just in the question of NATO that Red has an “alternative” view (Norwegian debate. By Henrik Asheim, parliamentary representative and deputy leader of the Conservative Party) (Nettavisen)
Red is not only a little more left-wing than the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party, the party has a fundamentally different view of society and the world around us. The seas

Too late to turn around (editor, Dagbladet)
The Fornebu railway must be built. The seas

Now politicians have to do something they can not do at all (leader, VG)
Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp) claims that he must clean up after the Conservative government’s use of money, while SV is tired of cleaning up after Vedum’s government. They can both with advantage sweep a little more for their own door. The seas

Slagsvold Vedum hangs up (Trygve Hegnar’s manager, Finansavisen)
“This is a control signal from me,” says Slagsvold Vedum. As fun as TV Norway’s tinder copy where naked people roll around in the fog. The seas

The overalls The Greens (comment by political editor Geir Ramnefjell) (Dagbladet)
It is when the overalls want a change that oil policy can change. A new LO proposal is green, and tastes MDG light. The seas

This is the disc boom (post by Frode Jacobsen, parliamentary representative, Labor Party) (Dagbladet)
The Progress Party is finally back where they like best: In opposition to everything and everyone, without having to take responsibility for the consequences of what they say or do. The seas

The time is ripe to introduce lobby registers (post by Alfred Bjørlo, Member of the Storting (V) (Aftenposten)
The opposition to opening up the Storting turns into parody. The seas

Politicians have no expertise in retail (post by Reidar Seberg, former director of grocery chains and specialist retail chains) (Finansavisen)
Should the authorities implement the proposed regulation of the grocery industry, prices will increase, writes Reidar Seberg. The seas

The government is being punished for not accepting wounded Ukrainian soldiers (Dagbladet)
Ukraine has four times asked Norway to accept injured soldiers. The government is sharply criticized for still sitting in the think tank. The seas

Lithuania wants Norwegian help against Russia’s blockade of Odesa (VG)
When the Baltic Council’s foreign ministers meet in Kristiansand, Lithuania will ask the countries to join in lifting the blockade of Odesa and ensure the shipment of food grain. The seas

Military expert on arms support to Ukraine: – Only contributes to more death and destruction (VG)
Military expert Jacob Skaarenborg believes that Western weapons aid prevents the Ukrainians from meeting Russia in peace talks – so that they can end the war. The seas

Soros says World War III may be underway and that civilization may collapse (NTB)
American billionaire George Soros warns that civilization could collapse and that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be the start of World War III. The seas

The Minister of Defense met Nordic colleagues: – A new era (NTB)
A Finnish-Swedish NATO membership is the beginning of a new era in Nordic security policy, says the Minister of Defense. He announces a review of the defense plans. The seas

Cables are to blame for electricity prices: – There are fundamental errors (Online newspaper)
A report that provides foreign cables for high electricity prices is being hit hard. The seas

Record number of 400,000 members in the Trade Union (Trade union)
Norway’s largest workers’ organization, the Trade Union, has passed 400,000 members. The seas

The country’s first user-controlled house for drug addicts is established in Bergen (Bergens Tidende)
In future, drug addicts in Bergen will manage their own activity house. The “house” will be its first of its kind in Norway. The seas

Environmental activists sabotaged car tires in Gothenburg. Planning the same action in Norway. (Aftenposten)
– We will not stop until it becomes impossible to own a large, polluting SUV in the world’s urban areas, the activist group says. The seas

The Security Council calls on the Taliban to reverse the rights of women (NTB)
A unanimous UN Security Council calls on the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to “quickly reverse” policies that restrict women’s freedom and human rights. The seas

USA: Norway sends artillery to Ukraine (NTB)
The US Secretary of Defense states that Norway is sending artillery to Ukraine. The seas

Kuleba: Ukraine needs more weapons faster (NTB)
Military aid to Ukraine must come faster. There is still a need for weapons, says Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. The seas

The United States removes exceptions from Russia’s sanctions (NTB)
The United States abolishes Russia’s ability to use dollars placed in Russia to repay foreign debt. This increases the risk of Russian state bankruptcy. The seas

Switzerland announces reconstruction conference (NTB)
Switzerland has invited leaders from a number of countries and international organizations to attend a reconstruction conference for Ukraine in July. The seas

British lords are expelled from Russia (NTB)
The Russian Foreign Ministry has imposed an entry ban on 154 members of the British House of Lords. The seas

Tedros re-elected as WHO chief (NTB)
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been re-elected for a new term as Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). The seas

German Prime Minister quits Gazprom government (NTB)
Former German Prime Minister Gerhard Schröder does not want to be nominated for a new term on the board of the state-owned Russian energy company Gazprom. The seas

Germany opens up for coal power if there is a shortage of gas (NTB)
If Russia stops supplying gas to Germany and there is a shortage of natural gas, the German government says it can start the country’s coal power plant again. The seas

AP: Biden signs diluted police directive on George Floyd’s day of death (NTB)
Two years after George Floyd was killed during an arrest, Joe Biden signs an order that is less intrusive than the president had hoped, reports AP. The seas

Trump shocks about civil war and nuclear war (Online newspaper)
– It is probably more likely that it happens than that it does not happen. The seas

No strike in the state – the parties to the mediation agree (NTB)
The parties to the state settlement agree on this year’s wage settlement and receive a wage increase of 3.8 per cent – over half a day of overtime. The strike has thus been averted. The seas

No strike in Oslo municipality – agreement in mediation (NTB)
There will be no strike in Oslo municipality after the parties in the mediation reached an agreement over a day of overtime. The seas

Wage negotiations for onshore oil workers are put on hold (NTB)
The collective bargaining agreement for onshore workers in the oil and gas industry is put on hold until the summer. The seas

Breach of collective bargaining in the power sector (NTB)
The Electricity and IT Association broke off negotiations with Energi Norge on Wednesday night regarding the collective bargaining agreement for 2022. Now the settlement goes to mediation with the Ombudsman. The seas

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