Norwegian police already knew of the possible danger of the attacker in 2015 | Abroad

According to Haugstøyl, there was no indication at the time that the 37-year-old man who had converted to Islam posed a terrorist threat. He did appear to be mentally ill. Because there was a fear that he would radicalize, he was monitored in the years that followed. He was also questioned following a video he published on YouTube in 2017. Because his behavior appeared to be linked to mental problems, the police informed the health services in 2018.

“Based on his mental health, we saw a low threshold for committing violence and that there was a possibility that he could carry out a small-scale attack in Norway with simple means,” Haugstøyl said. Then he disappeared from the radar of the police. According to Haugstøyl, an investigation into the course of events is underway.


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