Norwegian King Harald (83) is doing well after successful heart surgery | NOW

Norwegian King Harald is doing well after he was operated on on his heart on Friday morning. The Norwegian royal family leaves via the official website know that the operation was successful.

“The operation was successful and the king’s condition is good,” he said. After the operation, the king was in intensive care for a short check-up.

The 83-year-old Norwegian king had to go under the knife to have a heart valve replaced. The procedure was done through the groin and with a local anesthetic. In 2005 he got an artificial heart valve, which usually does not last longer than ten to fifteen years.

King Harald was recently hospitalized for shortness of breath. The medical team hopes his breathing will improve as a result of the procedure.

The king will be on sick leave for sure until the end of this month. Crown Prince Haakon temporarily takes over the duties of the king. He also did this at the end of last year, when King Harald was struggling with a virus infection.


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