Norwegian Government Parties Agree on Offshore Wind Investment in Sørlige North Sea II, Plans Press Conference on Friday

The government parties have agreed with SV, MDG and KrF on the offshore wind investment in Sørlige North Sea II. They are calling for a press conference on Friday.

In recent weeks, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap) has had to defend the offshore wind investment. Here in Haugesund, where Norway’s first sea turbine was set up in 2009.

The press conference takes place in the walking hall at the Storting at 9 o’clock on Friday, the governing parties Ap and Sp inform NTB.

The debate has raged about the Norwegian offshore wind investment in recent weeks after it became clear that the costs would be significantly higher than what the government had previously estimated.

The Conservative Party withdrew this week from the negotiations on the offshore wind investment because they believe the need for state subsidies has gone too far.

Sørlige Nordsjø II is Norway’s first major offshore wind project.

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Raised the support ceiling on Wednesday

The government has previously suggested a ceiling of NOK 15 billion in state aid for bottom-fixed offshore wind in the area of ​​the Southern North Sea 2. On Wednesday evening came the news that the framework is bursting with NOK 8 billion.

This raises the ceiling on the amount of aid up to NOK 23 billion.

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Several parties are concerned about the costs, and believe that the bill for state support for offshore wind is too high.

– I am no expert, but it will be more expensive, said Alfred Bjørlo (V) to E24 on Wednesday.

The Conservative Party rejected the government’s offshore wind proposal on Wednesday, and believes it will be too expensive. Storting representative Nikolai Astrup (H) believes the government should have withdrawn the offshore wind proposal.

– Subsidizing this project with significantly more than 15 billion will give us a bad start and could cause Norway’s offshore wind investment to slow down. It is completely unnecessary, he said on Wednesday.

The Red Party has long said no to offshore wind. Storting representative Sofie Marhaug (R) will cancel the entire offshore wind investment, and is no less convinced now that the potential bill has increased.

– It is as expected. We have known for a long time that these numbers were out of date. The question is whether the support will be even higher in practice, she says.

Offshore wind turbines in Denmark. A majority in the Storting now agrees on Norway’s first offshore wind announcement.

Battle for cables

Statkraft CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen told E24 last week that it is possible to get profitable offshore wind projects and large amounts of power to Norway. But then the facilities must be larger, and they must be connected to Europe and not just to Norway, he believed.

The government has previously said that it does not want to send electricity to Europe from the offshore wind turbines on Southern North Sea II. They want the power to go only to land in Norway.

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Aasland believes that hybrid cables do not result in cheaper but more expensive projects. The framework for hybrid cables is not ready either, and it is urgent to develop offshore wind and obtain more power, he believes.

– It is a tragedy, what the Conservative Party chooses to do, he says.

– It will delay the project, in my opinion, by two years. And that doesn’t make the project any cheaper. It will do not exempt the project from public support, says Aasland.

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