Northern lights throughout the country … but are the weather gods cheating on us for the party?

A rare powerful explosion on the sun can give northern lights across the country on Saturday. The question is whether the phenomenon becomes visible.

In Tromsø and the surrounding area, the northern lights are not as exotic as for southerners. This weekend, green tints can occur all over the country.
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On Thursday, it exploded in the sun. The giant flare emitted powerful X-rays and UV rays, which fortunately for us were absorbed into the atmosphere.

Here you can see video of the explosion.

At the same time, a huge gas cloud was thrown into space at a speed of 2.9 million kilometers per hour. The cloud carries a magnetic field, and when it comes in contact with the Earth’s magnetic field, strong northern lights appear.

The phenomenon, which is usually associated with more polar regions, can be seen throughout the country, in fact as far south as Denmark and Germany. A researcher at the Norwegian Space Center, Pål Brekke, informs Aftenposten.

Like the Brio train

But how powerful the effect will be depends on how the magnetic fields are positioned in relation to each other. You do not know this until one hour before it hits.

– Brio trains with the same polarity will not connect. Opposite directed, there will be a strong interconnection. It will be the same here. And the stronger it gets, the further south the northern lights come.

Arrival is expected during Saturday, but the exact time can not be determined exactly. And then there is another important moment: the weather. Views of magical green light require clear weather.

A glimpse of the northern lights over Finse two years ago.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute does not have particularly good news. The clouds will be heavy over large parts of the country Saturday night and night to Sunday.

– There may be some cracks in the cloud cover in Trøndelag, north of Trondheimsfjorden. Otherwise, there are a lot of clouds both in the north and south, says the weather forecaster on duty.

– It was annoying. Are you sure?

– There will probably be more opportunities.

Must get out of town

Should the weather forecasts go wrong, Pål Brekke has clear advice for northern lights viewers. Get away from the city lights. Out in the woods, up on the mountain.

– And be patient!


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