North Maluku’s Taliabu Regional Secretary Becomes the First Covid-19 Patient Heals – Regional Secretary of Taliabu Island Regency, North Maluku (Malut), Salim Ganiru became the first Covid-19 patient from the district who was declared cured based on the results of the PCR swab test.

“According to the results of the examination sent from the Clinical Pathology Laboratory of the Dr. Chasan Boesoirie Ternate Hospital. Monday (26/10), the first patient of Covid-19 from Taliabu Island, Salim Ganiru was declared cured of Covid-19,” said the Secretary of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling. 19 Taliabu Island Regency, Sutomo Teapon was contacted from Ternate, Tuesday (27/10).

He said, Dr. Salim Ganiru was finally declared cured, after undergoing treatment at the Dr. Chasan Boesoeirie Ternate Regional Hospital since last week and thank God, during the observation period, there were no symptoms and signs of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) infection so he was declared healthy or cured.

Sutomo explained that the PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction method is used in laboratory examinations to detect the presence of genetic material from cells, bacteria or viruses, so this diagnostic test is considered the most accurate to confirm whether or not you have Covid-19.

“Using the PCR method to diagnose Covid-19 certainly gives accurate results, especially under experienced doctors such as Dr. Dwi Handoko (lung specialist),” he said.

Dr. Salim Ganiru has been declared cured, but he admits that he is still coordinating with the Head of the Pultab Regency Task Force, Acting Regent, Drs Maddaremeng to provide further information.

“I am still waiting for the direction of Mr. Pjs Regent, so for more information, we are waiting for the direction of Pjs Regent,” he said.

Separately, Dr. Salim Ganiru, when confirmed, revealed that he had completely recovered and had no symptoms like most patients with Covid-19.

“I have fully recovered, and have been allowed to carry out activities as usual,” he said.

He expressed his utmost gratitude for all the attention and support given to him.

“Thank you to the local government of Taliabu, Managing Director of RSU Chasan Boesoerie Ternate, Head of North Sumatra Provincial Health Office, Dr. Idhar Sidi Umar, Head of Health Office for Taliabu Kuraysia Marsyaoly and more specifically the paramedics who take care of him every day under the command of dr. Handoko, he said. [gil]



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