North Korean Soldiers Perform Extreme Attractions in Front of Kim Jong-Un

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A shirtless soldier shatters two glass bottles at once, performing extreme stunts in the presence of the Leader North Korea Kim Jong-un.

Not only that, the man was lying in the rubble. Next, his partner placed a thick block of concrete on the man’s chest and crushed him with a sledgehammer.

Soldiers punched layers of concrete bricks, or broke them with their heads, with or without uniforms.

Some of them received hammers in their arms or hands. In fact, there was one person lying on a bed of nails while supporting a broken beam against his chest.

This scene is part of a show of enduring pain by North Korean soldiers in opening their military parade this week. Not only showing off the capabilities of its soldiers, North Korea also exhibited various defense equipment to strengthen its country.

“These soldiers, embraced and raised by our party, have shown the whole world the strength, courage and morale of the Korean People’s Army,” said news anchor Ri Chun-hee, North Korea’s most famous emcee.

In the arms show, a top-class paratrooper also demonstrated landing skills, waving the ruling party’s red flag in the sky, KCNA quoted him as saying. There was also the action of a fighter pilot flying his plane in the sky over the event venue.

The arms exhibition was held to commemorate the founding of the ruling Labor Party over the country.

North Korea held the Defense Development Exhibition on Monday (11/10), KCNA quoted.

In opening his speech, Kim said the United States was at the root of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

“The United States is still stirring up regional tensions with its erroneous judgments and actions,” Kim said in his speech.

“What is clear is that the unstable situation on the Korean peninsula cannot be easily eliminated because of the United States.”

This authoritarian country is known for its nuclear weapons and displays of defense equipment, one of which is the Hwasong-8 hypersonic missile. This weapon is said to be capable of flying at a relatively low altitude and maneuverable.

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