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PYONGYANG, – A defector North Korea reportedly jumped over a 3.6 meter high wire fence to escape to South Korea.

The news of his escape includes passing through at least two million mines and barbed wire laying around Demilitarized Zone, which limits the two Koreas.

The defector, in his 20s who is a gymnast, amazed South Korean officials as he modeled his leaps to justify his story.

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Based on reports Korea Herald, the man had a light weight, which added to the learning experience gymnastics, so the factors that make it able to jump over the 3.6 meter fence.

Very few people try to defect from North Korea via the Demilitarized Zone, where they usually choose to cross the Chinese border.

South Korean media reported that the man had touched a sensor on the border fence. However, it luckily didn’t work.

He was only detected by “Ginseng Country” after “wandering” in the south guardrail, and twice caught on thermal cameras on November 2.

The man, who was dressed in blue at the time of his arrest, was later detained for questioning, where he applied for political asylum.

Reported The Sun Wednesday (11/25/2020), an investigation will be held to determine the reason why the sensor does not sound when he jumps.

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“We will find out how the sensor does not ring, and make sure it is fully functional,” Seoul was quoted as saying Yonhap.

Since 1953, around 32,000 people have defected from North Korea, with the highest number recorded in 2009 at 2,900.

At the end of 2017, the world was shocked by a dramatic attempt by a Northern soldier named Oh Chong Song to escape to the South.

By then, he managed to get past the whir of bullets fired by the Northern border guards, where he suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

In a viral video, Oh appears to be driving the jeep to the border, where his next attempt is to run away from his former comrades’ fire.

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Oh well after the South Korean military manning the Demilitarized Zone rescued him, while returning North Korean fire.

The defector was immediately rushed to hospital, where doctors removed not only bullets but also 25 centimeter tapeworms.

Surgeon Lee Cook-jong who led the operation to CNN said the condition experienced by the soldier was like a “broken jar”.

The reason is, he excreted dozens of tapeworms from his digestion, evidence of how badly food handling in North Korea is.

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