North Korean defectors call Kim Jong Un Dewa who can read minds page all

CHICAGO, – One North Korean defectors revealed, he got the story Kim Jong Un is dewa who can read the minds of its citizens.

Yeonmi Park reveals that story, which also tells how it feels to live in a country that is known to be so secret.

Park, a 26-year-old girl who is now a human rights activist in Chicago, said she doesn’t know the concept of love, or what friendship is.

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All of them are “comrades,” which they are so proud of the North Korean regime. Even his parents never said they loved him.

Yeonmi Park explained when talking about North Korea, that country is far different from other countries that are considered unsafe such as Iran or Cuba.

To New York Post last week, he said that his people certainly have an understanding that they are isolated or that migrants are not safe.

“But North Korea seems like a remote kingdom. When I was a child, I did not know that I adore dictators,” said Park.

As a child, Park was often told that Kim Jong Un and his father, Kim Jong Il, were gods who could read minds.

The propaganda made the people of the ideological Juche country too afraid to speak out, even thinking about the brutality of the Kim family.

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At school, he claims to get math lessons using the metric “America wasted”, or there are sessions called “criticism sessions.”

There, students are taught to attack each other or find fault with their classmates. Making them suspicious of each other and divided.

“We don’t have friends in North Korea. All we have are comrades. We don’t know what friendship is,” Park said.

Park then revealed how he had to eat insects to live, and blamed the Kim regime for abandoning his people starving.

Both his uncle and grandmother died of starvation. He then said it was common to see bodies of starving victims on the streets.

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“You will see a lot of people dying of hunger. At that time, I did not even know that it was not normal,” he said.

He also regretted Pyongyang’s decision to spend up to billions of US dollars just to test nuclear weapons.

According to Yeonmi Park, if North Korea had only budgeted 20 percent for its citizens, there would be no story of dying of starvation.

He also denied rumors that Kim Jong Un was in a coma, whose sources in Pyongyang said the dictator was doing well.

Even so, he admitted that he was grateful to be born in North Korea. Because he felt the difficulties himself before then defected and moved to the US.

“If I had not been born in a country full of oppression and complete darkness, I might not have seen the light. I don’t think the people there have seen the light like I did,” he explained.

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