North Korea says corona situation is ‘under control’ NOW

North Korea sees a “stable” downward trend in the country’s first confirmed corona outbreak. Pyongyang reported fewer than 200,000 new patients with fever symptoms for the third consecutive day on Tuesday.

According to the authorities, the corona wave broke out on May 12. Since then, concerns have grown over the shortage of vaccines, inadequate medical infrastructure and the looming food crisis in the country of 25 million.

Since the end of April, almost 3 million people have developed ‘fever’

Since Monday evening, at least 134,510 new ‘fever cases’ have been added, according to the state news agency KCNA† As a result, 2.95 million people have developed a ‘fever’ since the end of April. The official death toll stands at 68.

The country books according to KCNA”successes” in the fight against the virus. After the activation of the system to prevent virus transmission, “disease and death rates across the country have fallen dramatically and the number of people recovered has increased,” according to the state news agency.

The spread of the virus would have been effectively contained and contained and the situation would clearly be stable. North Korea says it is producing more essential medicines, but does not specify which species.

North Korea may not be able to confirm how many people have tested positive, possibly due to a lack of corona tests. The health authorities therefore announce how many people have fever symptoms. According to experts, this makes it difficult to assess the size of the corona wave.

North Korea said authorities are distributing food and medicines across the country. Military doctors assist in the distribution of medicines and examine sick persons. The US and neighboring South Korea want to help the country fight the pandemic, but Pyongyang has not responded to the offer.

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