North Korea reports 21 dead – Corona wave?

A day after the first official corona death, North Korea reported 21 more cases that are said to have died of “a fever”. It did not want to confirm any connection with a Covid 19 wave.

North Korea reports 21 more deaths from “unknown fever”. This is reported by the official news agency KCNA. However, authorities have not confirmed whether the cases are related to the coronavirus outbreak in the country. So far, only one death has been officially reported due to Covid-19. The fact that these cases are published at all makes a connection very likely.

According to the agency, around 500,000 sick North Koreans are currently being treated. Only on Thursday did the leadership in Pyongyang admit corona infections in North Korea for the first time, without naming any numbers on the infections. Ruler Kim Jong-un then declared a state of emergency and ordered a nationwide lockdown. As far as is known, the population in North Korea has not been vaccinated against the corona virus. A severe outbreak could result in thousands of deaths.

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