North Korea Exhibits Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ‘Monster’


SEOUL – dictator North Korea, Kim Jong-un, appears in the video of the military parade before dawn. The parade reportedly exhibited one intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) largest in the world.

The missile, called a “monster” by Open Nuclear Network deputy director Melissa Hanham, was displayed at the end of a massive military parade in the capital Pyongyang to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ruling Labor Party. Washington Examiner, Sunday (11/10/2020).

Meanwhile the news agency CNN reported the large weapon was carried in 11 US trucks at the height of a nearly two-hour ceremony and military parade in the capital Pyongyang.

Observers say they do not know whether the missile has been tested or not. However, a sufficiently large form of the weapon would allow North Korea to place multiple warheads on it, increasing the threat it poses to targeted adversaries.

“Liquid fuel, Besaaar, is capable of carrying MIRV nuclear warheads,” Melissa tweeted.

“To be clear, the largest liquid-fueled missiles move on the highway anywhere,” tweeted Ankit Panda, senior researcher in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Panda noted that real progress in North Korea’s nuclear program has not come at the expense of its conventional military.

“A lot of small arms modernization & introduction of new body armor. Conventional investment continues despite the advancement of nuclear power,” he said in a tweet.


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