North Korea confirms launch of ballistic missile from submarine


SEOUL North Korea (North Korea) says it has done trials ballistic missile new from submarine (SLBM). This was reported by North Korean state media, Wednesday (20/10/2021), a day after authorities in South Korea and Japan detected a weapons test.

“The new type of SLBM was launched from the same submarine that was involved in the previous SLBM test in 2016,” the North’s KCNA news agency said. Reuters.

KCNA states that this new type of SLBM features advanced control guidance technologies including wing mobility and glide jump mobility.

“(SLBM) will greatly contribute to putting the country’s defense technology at a high level and to enhancing the underwater operational capabilities of our navy,” KCNA added.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly did not attend the test.

South Korea’s military earlier on Tuesday reported that it believed North Korea had fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) off its east coast. This is the latest in a series of North Korean missile tests.

“The missile was launched from the sea in the vicinity of Sinpo, where North Korea stores submarines as well as SLBM test-firing equipment,” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Tuesday.

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Analysts note that photos released by KCNA appear to show a missile that is thinner and smaller than previous North Korean SLBM designs, and possibly a previously unseen model like the one first showcased at a Pyongyang defense exhibition last week.



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