Normal Cough vs Covid-19 Corona Virus, Here’s How to Tell the Difference!

Sunday, November 21, 2021 | 08:14 WIB

Illustration of a cough due to the corona virus Covid-19 and flu. (Shutterstock) – Cough is one of the common symptoms of the Covid-19 coronavirus, but also seasonal flu. This can make it difficult for many people to tell the difference between a cough caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus and the seasonal flu.

However, Sonia Khan, senior pharmacist at Medicine Direct has helped explain the difference between a normal cough and a cough caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus.

According to Sonia Khan, there are 3 best ways to differentiate between a cough caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus and a normal cough, namely by identifying other symptoms.

The NHS says symptoms of a cold include coughing, sneezing, sore throat and headache. The flu and cold can feel very similar with some overlapping symptoms.

However, a sudden fever is a symptom that can help differentiate between a cough caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus and a normal cough due to the flu.

Because, people infected with the Covid-19 corona virus usually experience general symptoms such as high fever, persistent cough, loss of sense of smell and taste.

“Cough due to the corona virus and cough due to the flu is indeed difficult to distinguish. However, a persistent dry cough can be a symptom of the Covid-19 corona virus,” said Sonia Khan quoted from Express.

If you have a cough with phlegm that makes your chest feel tight, it’s most likely caused by a cold or flu. But, Sonia Khan said the flu can also cause a dry cough like the Covid-19 corona virus.

“The safest and surest way to tell the difference between a cough due to the flu and the coronavirus is to do a Covid-19 test,” he said.

If the test results are negative for the Covid-19 corona virus but the cough does not subside, you should consult a doctor. But, you also need to remember that a cough that lasts for a long time can signal a serious health problem.

In addition to the Covid-19 corona virus, a cough that lasts a long time can be caused by various health problems, such as asthma. The cough associated with asthma can fluctuate within a year, although most people with this condition feel worse in cold weather when exposed to cold air.

Another disease feature of persistent cough is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This inflammatory disease of the lungs stops the flow of air into the lungs properly.

COPD can make it very difficult to breathe and cause a chronic cough that can produce phlegm. A persistent cough can also be a warning sign of lung cancer, especially in people who smoke.


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