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Director Dietrich Brüggemann is someone who likes to sit down and relax. Most recently as a co-initiator of the controversial protest campaign #allesdichtmachen against the state corona measures. But Brüggemann’s unruly manner makes his films interesting.

For example the time loop crime scene “Murot and the marmot” or the Stuttgart case “traffic jam”, in which the inspectors investigated stationary traffic for 90 minutes. When a relationship comedy by Dietrich Brüggemann hits the cinemas, you should expect everything except a conventional film. This is already indicated by the title: “Nope”.

Brüggemann has mastered the art of letting go

If Dietrich Brüggemann has mastered something, it is the art of omission: “Nope” consists of 15 scenes from the life of a happy couple. Sometimes two weeks pass in between, sometimes several months or years. So you can find out in fast motion how things are developing between Dina and Michael. She is an actress, he is a doctor. At the beginning of the film, they’ve been together for five years. And the funniest scene of all is the first: a bed whisper in which the two say the following in the most beautiful harmony and tenderest voices:

“What are you thinking about? – I sometimes think we should split up. So only now and then, very rarely. – What? – Yes, sometimes I think we should split up. Don’t you think that sometimes too? – Nope. – Not? – No, I don’t see why we should split up now. ”
Excerpt from the film “Nope”

He does. Because Michael, played by Alexander Khuon, is a pretty typical representative of his generation. When he was in his early 30s, he panicked that things could get serious in terms of relationships.

“You want to build a nest and family and settle down. I think I wouldn’t be up to it. – Yes! You would be up to it. Everyone is up to it. Having children is the only thing that mankind has reliably managed for millions of years. You do that , and then you can do that too! ”
Excerpt from the film “Nope”

Written the script with sister Anna

Alexander Khuon and Anna Brüggemann play the couple Michael and Anna.

Even this calm answer should make it clear to him that he has found his dream woman. But there is always a faint doubt with the variety of today’s possibilities. Shouldn’t you have tried something else again? Perhaps being able to experience happiness even more completely elsewhere? As is so often the case, Dietrich Brüggemann wrote the script together with his sister Anna, who also plays the leading role in the film. The two love to let characters chatter uninhibitedly. Jakob Matschenz they wrote an outrageously nasty wedding speech into the script, but he is not allowed to mistake it for Dina and Michael. Because the two are hesitant people who just can’t get married. But they actually manage to have children.

Fears and trauma in an amusing, whimsical way

The 15 scenes gradually mix with surreal elements: when Dina leaves the maternity ward with the baby, there is suddenly war on the hospital corridors. And Michael has to listen to a lecture about his role as a father from an anesthetized patient on the operating table. Even if some scenes are a bit too long or seem out of place, all in all fears and trauma are thematized here in an amusing, peculiar way. As one learns in passing, Michael’s own father is a total failure as a role model.

“Nö” tells with cryptic humor about the ups and downs of a modern relationship that could perhaps be happy. But who knows exactly what optimum happiness would look like? The reduction to excerpts even results in a better overall picture in the end.


Romantic tragic comedy
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with Anna Brüggemann, Alexander Khuon, Hanns Zischler, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Mark Waschke, Nina Petri
Dietrich Brüggemann
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