Noordbrabants Museum buys 1.6 million new Van Gogh | NOW

The Noordbrabants Museum has purchased a painting by Vincent van Gogh on Wednesday announced. The museum was able to purchase the work thanks to support from the BankGiro Lottery and sponsors, despite the tougher financial times that museums are going through due to the corona crisis.

The museum obtained the work through a dealer. He obtained the work through a private individual and the London auction house Christie’s.

Head of a woman, a portrait of a peasant woman, was painted by Van Gogh at the beginning of 1885. He made the work during his period in Nuenen in Brabant. During this time, the grand master made several portraits of farmers and farm workers from this area.

According to it Van Gogh Museum At the time the painter looked specifically for people with “rough flat faces with a low forehead and thick lips”. The woman in the portrait has been painted by Van Gogh before.

The painting is part of a series of 47 head studies that Van Gogh made in preparation for painting human figures. Shortly afterwards he created his masterpiece The potato eaters.

It is the fifth work by Van Gogh to be acquired by the Noordbrabants Museum. The museum also has eight of his works on loan.

Head of a woman will be on display in the museum for four days from Thursday 3 September. From the end of March 2021, it will be part of the revamped Van Gogh presentation that the museum will then organize.


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