Noor Lebanese Dialogue: Ola in “Al-Prince” likened me and Mohamed Ramadan to a unique talent

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Posted: Tuesday, 12 May 2020 – 19:40 | Last update: Tuesday, May 12 2020 – 19:43
5/12/2020 7:40:39 PM

Nour Lebanese has loved her fans since her first appearance on the screens, she is the owner of the distinguished beautiful features, who have caught the eye since her first work in Egypt and her participation in the movie “Short, Vanilla and Cap”.

After that, Nour was associated with the public after appearing in many works and presenting them to different roles and personalities.

Nour participates in the Ramadan 2020 season in the series “Al-Prince” with Mohamed Ramadan and presents the personality of a popular girl, a new role for her, and it will be seen by the public for the first time. had a private interview with Nour, revealing the scenes of working with Ramadan and preparing her for the character.

– At first, what attracted you to the role of Ola in “The Prince”?

What encouraged me most was the nature and quality of the role, as it is different from the traditional popular girl’s personality, in addition to that I always look for change and I did not present this role before, in addition to that the writing of the work was different so I got excited for him and the participation of his heroes.

Did you have any specific preparations for Ola’s character?

Most of the preparations and personality traits were with the director Mohamed Sami, as he was the one who weakened and put together the outlines of it.

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Does the personality of Ola look like you in any of the details?

Yes, it looks like me in a lot of things. It is automatic like me, saying what you feel and feel.

How were the scenes of cooperation with director Mohamed Sami and artist Mohamed Ramadan?

“Prince” is my second collaboration with Mohamed Sami, as he succeeds in making the actors get their best out, getting them into the role more and deeper, caring about the details, and knows how the actors move.

As for Muhammad Ramadan, I am very happy to cooperate with him. On the personal level, he is one of the best personalities that you deal with, and he enjoys a unique lightness and talent.

Interested in competing in the Ramadan season?

Of course, because viewership is high, but competition makes a person give their best.

What is the reason for your absence last year from Ramadan drama?

Absence was not intended, and I did not find a suitable job to participate in.

I was absent from the artistic scene for a while because of your children. Do they watch it?

They are still young, watch some work and do not have enough awareness to give their opinions.

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