Noel Gallagher Receives £1000 Ticket for Refusing to Disclose Driver’s Identity

ShowbizNoel Gallagher has received a striking ticket. The British singer, who cannot drive, has to pay 1,000 pounds (about 1,162 euros) because he does not want to tell the police who drove too fast in his Range Rover, the British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ reports.

56-year-old Gallagher’s car drove through west London at 41 miles per hour (about 65 kilometers per hour) in October in a place where you are only allowed 30 (about 48 kilometers per hour). However, the musician then refused to provide information about the identity of the driver.

Gallagher probably wasn’t himself. Noel is usually driven around by private drivers. In April, he told BBC Radio 2 that he quit his driving lessons at the height of the success of Oasis, the band he formed with his brother Liam. The rockers from Manchester had become icons of Britpop in the mid-1990s. They sold tens of millions of albums and filled stadiums all over Europe. However, that popularity also had a downside: according to Gallagher, he was harassed too much by fans during driving lessons.

That the simple violation ended in a lawsuit at all, would have been due to the British postal service. Gallagher is said to have never answered the letters from the police because of a postman’s strike around Christmas. If Gallagher does get a driver’s license in the future, he will immediately receive six penalty points because of the case. This is reported by the London daily newspaper ‘The Evening Standard’.

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Gallagher’s manager declined to comment on the matter to the BBC.

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