Node “movida”, the government thinks of the hypothesis closing the premises at 24

In any case, on Sunday the ministers involved in the new measures, which will also include a remodeling of smart working, will work on fine-tuning the measures. Central, in this sense, is the meeting of the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS) with the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

Stop soccer and private parties at home The meeting will discuss the new measures to be implemented. Apart from the total lockdown, no measures are excluded a priori, given the worsening of the situation. From the curfew for the premises to the ban on the sale of alcohol after a certain time, to the off-limits parking standing outside them bar e pub; from extending work at home to reducing the percentage of passengers on public transport, to stop moving between regions, everything is in theory possible.

Stop all private parties, even at home, and suspension of amateur contact sports, such as soccer. Since the data show that the infection occurs mainly between relatives and friends, there should be a stop to private parties, even at home, and a maximum of thirty people at the tables in the premises and in the ceremonial rooms.

It is therefore likely that restrictions will be triggered first of all for public events and parties, including weddings and baptisms, up to funerals. In Sardinia, the Region has decided to open sports arenas for up to 700 people (similar measures have already been adopted elsewhere), but in the new Decree the non-surpassing threshold of 200 spectators could return.

The situation seems to get out of hand, with a non-exponential growth in infections, but constant and for now unstoppable. We think, with concern, of the saturation of health facilities due to the influx of patients into ordinary and intensive care wards.

According to the strategic study for the autumn-winter phase, with the Rt contagiousness index higher than 1.2 – a level already reached in Campania -, in 2-3 months the hospitals would have an overload. Considering that the phase of seasonal flu has not yet entered – the peak of which is expected between February and March -, experts hope that measures will be effective and valid for 6 months. Also for this purpose, the use of rapid tests alongside diagnostic swabs will be evaluated, in order to try to dilute the number of hours in cars that are increasingly forming at the drive in large cities.


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