Nobody threatens Russia!

New York

President of the United States (USA) Joe Biden it alludes directly to the war in Ukraine and the latest threats from the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Biden denounced Russia’s move as a protracted conflict.

This was communicated by Biden during a speech at the UN general debate session which took place at the UN headquarters, New York, United States, on Wednesday (9/21/2022). Biden immediately expressed his views on the war Ukraine momentarily on the pulpit.

“President Putin has blatantly launched nuclear threats against Europe and has recklessly ignored accountability,” Biden said.


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“Now Russia is calling more troops to join the fighting and the Kremlin has organized a fake referendum to annex Ukrainian territory, a significant violation of the UN Charter,” he said.

Putin said no one threatened Russia. According to Biden, it was Russia that sought the conflict.

“No one threatens Russia and no one but Russia seeks conflict,” he said.

Biden raised US support for Ukraine. You also called on the members of the United Nations to unite against the war created by Russia. He also said that this war was chosen by only one person.

It is known that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has entered its seventh month. The invasion took place on February 24th.

Many sides hope that the war between the two countries will end. President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi), he also had time to meet Putin and The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky for the end of the war.


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