Nobody needs netrebko! For statements against Putin, the singer was kicked out of the Russian opera The Koz Telegram

Now the opera singer Anna Netrebko is definitely not needed by anyone. Attempts to please European labels were not appreciated in Russia and the singer was expelled from the opera

Anna Netrebko fired from Russian opera / Фото: Getty Images

The fact that Anna Netrebko is Putin’s favorite singer has long been known. Because of the active support of the rashist regime, they do not want to see the opera diva on any prestigious world stage.

“Exile” so upset Netrebko that she publicly renounced Putin and repented because of their past actions. But it seems that the Metropolitan Opera has already drawn its conclusions and no one is going to return the Putinist who has come to her senses.

Netrebko is not expected on the Russian stage either. Statements and condemnations against the authorities angered the top of the Russian Federation and Netrebko was expelled from the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater.

Yesterday, the artist made a statement condemning the actions of our state. Living in Europe and the opportunity to perform at European venues turned out to be more important for her than the fate of the Motherland. Today is not the time to sacrifice principles for more comfortable living conditions. Now is the time to make a choice,” the theater said in a statement.


Recall Putin’s favorite Netrebko went crazy on social networks without a job. Now Anna will have more time to try all Insta masks!

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