‘Nobody kept to the lines’

After much criticism of compliance with the corona rules, Walibi Holland decided on Sunday to immediately stop the Fright Nights and Spooky Days. It was much too busy in recent days, also saw catering entrepreneur Elodey Martens, who had booked a weekend trip to the amusement park in Biddinghuizen with his brother.

“I went both days. On Friday they could have seen what had to be done. That is why I am so angry, ”he says on Sunday Heart of the Netherlands. “It was just too busy. Ten meters before the checkout it went fine. Employees were everywhere who let people keep their distance. Only fifty meters in front of the cash register, 300 or 400 people were glued together. ”

Walibi Holland says it has already taken measures in advance. For example, the amusement park had a virtual reservation system for queues in use, so that people did not have to queue at the attractions. But that didn’t work at all, according to Martens. “Then it was our turn and thought we could keep walking, we entered the queue! We stood there for 45 minutes and it was much too busy. Nobody kept to the lines. ”

To shelter from the rain

It only really went wrong when it started to rain on Saturday, a spokesperson for Walibi Holland also acknowledges. “There you see that people are less than 1.5 meters apart. After the rain had cleared up, the weather quickly went well. People stayed inside, so we stimulated the walk-through. And we started handing out mouth caps. ”

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Several visitors report on Twitter that they have not seen face masks. And Martens also thought the measures were not sufficient. “I already sent an email to Walibi on Friday. They were only putting yellow arrows on the floor on Saturday and putting up extra signs. That was a day too late, but okay. ”

Martens and his brother decided on Saturday to go home earlier. “It was not responsible. It got more and more out of hand. When I went, visitors were still allowed in, while Walibi had already made an appeal on Facebook to stay away due to technical malfunctions. ”

The worst thing he thinks is the laxity of the park. “I work in the hospitality industry. That sector is destroyed by this circus. My little brother works in security. He must be tested, otherwise he is not allowed to do his job. When we called the GGD and mentioned Walibi, we did not have to report any complaints. They immediately scheduled an appointment. ”

Own responsibility

Walibi Holland has now “with a heavy heart” decided to stop the Fright Nights. “We are realizing our responsibility with the increasing number of infections. It is not wise to continue, ”said a spokesman. She says the park has done everything it can to keep people 1.5 meters away.

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“But people find that difficult. We see this in Albert Heijn or wherever: there is a personal responsibility to keep the distance. It was not too busy in the park. ” According to the spokesperson, the employees of the amusement park have worked very hard to make the twentieth edition of the Fright Nights corona proof, “but you can see that the measures have caught up with us. People also have a part of their own responsibility. ”


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